Chris Johnson is an interior designer and founder of Studio88, the West Coast’s first-ever interior design co-working space. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, she is the founder of Design Tec, an award-winning interior design firm that she recently expanded to create a Commercial division specializing in the multifamily marketplace. We checked in with Chris for her advice for uncertain times. We thought the design community might benefit from a little pep talk from a designer and business owner with her level of experience.



With everything going on in the world today, Chris’s resiliency and optimism are more valuable than ever. We chatted about how she has overcome challenges in her career. “Be open to change,” Chris said. “Change is inevitable, especially in the interior design business. Knowing how to react and deal with change has gotten me far in my career. No project I’ve worked on has gone completely according to plan, so accepting change is a great way to approach a new design. My greatest asset is to be a solution-driven thinker.”

In a time when change is happening rapidly all around us, Chris’s strategy for success serves as a helpful reminder to accept what we cannot change and focus on working with it rather than against it. Many interior designers have faced unforeseen setbacks and challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With an attitude of acceptance, we can spend more time thinking about solutions. We’ve seen many businesses pivot their business models to accommodate the changes facing us today. Such innovation, resiliency, and solution-driven thinking is the lifeblood of the design industry and Chris Johnson’s secret to success.

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