Advice for Uncertain Times: Talks with Chris Johnson – Part 3

Advice for Uncertain Times: Talks with Chris Johnson – Part 3

Chris Johnson is an interior designer and founder of Studio88, the west coast’s first-ever interior design co-working space. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, she is the founder of Design Tec, an award-winning interior design firm that she recently expanded to create a Commercial division specializing in the multifamily marketplace.

We checked in with Chris to discuss some of the greatest lessons she’s learned throughout the course of her career.

“Trust your survival instincts,” Chris said. “I started as a self-employed artist when I was sixteen years old. Selling artwork on the streets was a great character builder… solely one that has given me the strength to build inner fortitude.”

Born and raised in Santa Ana, Chris has lived and worked in Southern California for the majority of her career. Chris has relied on her innovation and solution-driven thinking to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Chris is passionate about honing the talents and skills at Design Tec. As a member of Studio88 herself, Chris loves giving back to the design community by mentoring and fostering relationships with other designers.