As our desks remain saturated with news and updates regarding COVID-19, we want to share a quick list of online resources we think may be helpful during this time. We hope this list serves as a reminder that not only are we in this together, but we will get through it together.


  1. For info specific to small business owners regarding Tax Relief, CA Small Business Loan Guarantee Program, and U.S. Small Business Administration Stimulus Program.
  2. A full list of available government resources for small businesses can be found here.
  3. The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act includes info on Small Business Debt Relief Programs.
  4. EDD Work Sharing Program: Employers can apply for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Work Sharing Program if reduced production, services, or other conditions cause them to seek an alternative to layoffs.
  5. From Forbes: an article on the CARES Act. A bulleted list of information on how small businesses can get Coronavirus relief.


  1. From now thru April 30, ASID extended free access to their online catalog of educational resources and CEUs for members and non-members. ASID has hosted some incredible webinars in the past few weeks. They continue to be a helpful resource!
  2. Some light-hearted reading from Architectural Digest: How Previous Epidemics Impacted Home Design. “If you’re doing your part and social distancing from inside your home, you may start to notice small details of your house or apartment you hadn’t thought about before…”
  3. An inspiring read from Business of Home: Amid a Pandemic, Designers Get Creative. “‘Please, whatever you do, don’t call it ‘the new normal…’”


  1. From Gensler: What Happens When We Return to the Workplace. “Unquestionably, the office was people’s preferred place to work, as long as it’s designed to support their work.”
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