8 Sources of Inspiration for Interior Designers

8 Sources of Inspiration for Interior Designers

Where do you get your inspiration as a designer? We all have days when we feel like we’re lacking in the creativity department. To get you through those moments, we’ve rounded up some tried and true sources for inspiration that are sure to boost your creativity!

Find Your Inspiration

1) Instagram and Pinterest

Social media is an evergreen source of design inspiration. We love to search for a hashtag featuring a current trend we’re loving (like #decorativetile or #blackandwhiteinteriors) to see what’s trending with designers all over the world. The collaborative element of social media makes this source of inspiration virtually endless!

2) Step Outside
Photo by Katie Evensen from Pexels

Need a break from screentime? The great outdoors can be an awe-inspiring source of creative energy. The textures and colors found in a natural landscape can restore your mind, body, and soul. There is no other palette that changes like the colors in nature. Transitions between seasons can be a great time to seek inspiration simply by stepping outside.

3) Lights, Camera, Action!

Kick back with a classic film. Inspiration can be found from a single scene, a storyline, a moving performance, or the time and place of the film itself. Grab a notebook – you may want to write down inspirations as they happen!

4) Travel – Virtually or IRL

Whether it’s the Travel Channel, a quick day trip, or a cross-country flight, make an effort to change the scenery of your day-to-day. Step foot in a new place and feel the flow of creativity, whether it’s from a conversation with fellow travelers or the architecture around you. Don’t forget your camera to capture what you see! Scrapbooking your favorite scenes of a recent trip can be another exercise in inspiration. Don’t have the means or time to travel? Don’t let that stop you! The Travel Channel or a great YouTube series can take you across the globe in no time. We love travel shows because they always toss in a good amount of educational information on culture and lifestyle.

5) Flip through a Book

Take advantage of your local library or bookstore and pull a few books off the shelves. Collections of inspiring architecture and design from around the world can inspire you to think of design in new ways and even lead to the discovery of new influential designers in the industry.

6) Create a Vision
Photo by Kaboompics.com from Pexels

Buy a stack of current issues of your favorite design or travel magazines and create a vision board. Discover new trends and styles from new designers that you can later connect with on social media. There’s something so inspiring about the tactile experience of cutting images out of magazines and arranging them into a collage. Enjoy!

7) Local Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and More

Take yourself on a date to a local restaurant or coffee shop! You might brainstorm by tasting a cocktail, appetizer, or a little something sweet. The functional and unique layout of a restaurant can be a great source of design inspiration.

8) Collaborate With the Interior Design Community
Members collaborate for quick product knowledge meeting at Studio88.
Members at Studio88 meet at the worktables to discuss new products with a vendor.

We’re big fans of networking with other industry professionals to share ideas, struggles, and achievements. Our members have a creative edge when they know they can come to work and find everything a designer needs right at their fingertips. Mentorship and networking are priceless in our creative industry and we love providing a space to make magic happen! Learn more about our membership options here.