Create a Winning Interior Design Presentation at Studio88

Create a Winning Interior Design Presentation at Studio88

When it comes to interior design, first impressions are everything. We’re big believers that the best way to convey your plans to your client is to set up an in-person presentation with materials they can touch and feel. Giving an impressive initial overview convinces your client they can trust you and successfully establishes expectations. Whether you’re setting up for that very first client meeting or one of the many spec reviews during the project, the resources at Studio88 are here to help you create that lasting impression, instill confidence, and elevate your business in the eyes of your client.

#1: Source materials in our residential or commercial library

Our residential and commercial libraries are updated frequently by our local sales reps showing the most current products. Discover new materials in our library and place a sample order with our staff. You will receive what you need through the mail or hand-delivered by a local sales rep!

#2: Plan with your team

Use our worktables to discuss and revise your plans, coordinate materials, and collaborate with your design team. Prepare for presentations, meet with vendors, and brainstorm big ideas. Leave your home dining table alone – there’s plenty of table space to spread everything out at our studio!

#3: Walk your clients through the process with a meeting in the large conference room

Spread out your concepts and walk your clients through your plans for their projects. Our white tabletops make materials and colors pop. This table is the perfect blank canvas for your ideas with plenty of space to discuss!


So, regardless of whether it’s the first client meeting or a mid-project presentation, the resources at Studio88 are available to create that lasting impression, establish trust, and elevate your business. Schedule a tour at Studio88 today to see how we can support your interior design business!