1. For the positive energy of others. We all have those days. Stressors pile up and we have trouble finding the bright side. Joining a co-working space provides the opportunity to step into a positive environment on days when you need it most. We all know how much of a difference just one person’s smile can make on a bad day. At Studio88, we’ve created a space for Interior Designers to thrive with the tools they need to succeed, smiles included.


2. For the benefits of networking and creating growth within your own business. Conversations occur naturally throughout the day and the connections that you make are much more organic. At Studio88, there is so much growth and room for collaboration on projects. You never know where the opportunities can lead!


3. Money savings! To be able to work out of a creative space with all the infrastructure of a large design firm but at a fraction of the cost to set it up is such an awesome and unique idea. This business environment for entrepreneurs was made to share the cost of doing business, have access to our experienced staff and suppliers as well as the ability to maximize their purchasing power. What’s not to like?


4. Collaborating with like-minded fellow community members. Sometimes getting advice or knowledge from other designers is just what you need! In addition to the community at Studio88, we offer other resources. Our clients love the resource libraries and the time it saves when they are sourcing specifications for their projects. We also have vendor representatives presenting the latest finishes and samples several times per month.


5. Reduces distractions! Working within a co-working community reduces distractions from your regular work from home routine and improves your creativity and energy. We’ve heard from so many of our fellow members that they can get so much work done in the studio because there are no distractions. If you are looking to change up your WFH routine, we offer a day pass or 10-day pass at the studio so you can finish up projects without any distractions.


6. The benefit of flexibility! Whether you need your own private office, a desk 5 days a week or just for half a day every now and then, Studio88 has spaces and memberships to fit your needs. Don’t forget, our memberships are month to month, so you don’t need to be tied down to a lease.


7. Sick of working from home all alone and in isolation? Combat loneliness and join a coworking space like Studio88 and work alongside like-minded designers who you can share your frustrations and your business wins with and will help you feel less alone.

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